Web Hosting

We provide top-drawer web hosting services to suit different hosting requirements. Web hosting is a simple process that gives your website the requisite space on internet. However, this simple process has to be dealt with smartly, so that you not only get the right space, but also the right hosting features.


And we, via our web hosting services, ensure that you get all of them. Backed by our own dedicated servers, we can act as a well-equipped web host for your website – a web host that keeps your website up and running 24/7.

Hosting List:

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Reseller Web Hosting
We host your website on your own server, and provide you with the training to manage                      your own server.

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Shared Web Hosting
Your website is hosted on a server that hosts a wide range of other websites.

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Dedicated Hosting
We give you complete server access and control.

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Virtual Dedicated Server
Our single server acts as a multiple virtual server, but you and every other user gets an                      independent virtual server.

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Cloud Hosting
Premium Cloud Web Hosting Plans are designed for websites that require a large share of server resources. Built on multiple dedicated servers. Cloud Environment is completely secure and offer superior performance and reliability.