Web Development

Becks Business Services has grown from a Information Technology Products Company into an International online web applications design and development firm. The valuable part is that we started from zero; from minus actually, and without any support of a rich sponsor or bank. Just based on our skills, we became a profitable and successful operation.

But what if your business objectives require interactive applications that are not readily available off the shelf? This is where a web development firm such as Becks Business Services enters the picture.


Customized web application development is not the core strength of every web design company, but it is a demonstrable asset of our team. We work with clients to assess their unique needs in a discovery phase, define a realistic project scope, and quickly deliver well-crafted online systems that streamline operations and delight users through their straightforward, uncluttered interfaces.

Scheduling Application

  Scheduling Application which allows a service provider company   administrator and multiple client supervisors to login, review   scheduled services in hundreds of physical locations and approve or   reschedule the appointments.

Custom Application

  Custom Application allowing public users to search for professionals   by name, location or specialty, with a second search option using a   relational database.