IT Support - Networking

Becks Business Services is a Cape Town based IT company providing it support services in both the greater Johannesburg area and Cape Town.

Find Secure Cabling system will enable you to monitor the movements of your employees, drivers, vehicles or any other asset accurately..
We pride ourselves in making your IT needs brutally simple and making the day to day management of your IT infrastructure our priority and by this allow you to focus on your core business.


Our staff and sub contractors are selected for both their people skills and experience in ICT management and support. By employing these guidelines for selecting them we provide a world class IT Service at all times. Communication is key for us and when you become a client of Becks Business Services Computer Services you can be assured that you will at all times have an account manager but also direct access and contact with a Director of the Company. Ensuring that your IT Company isn’t just an IT Company but rather your ICT partner of choice.

Helpdesk Support:

     Should you require any information or wish to setup a meeting      feel free to contact us on 021 933 0052 or

Our Promise to you:

     • We will make your IT needs & IT Support brutally simple

     • We will always be honest to you about your IT

     • We will always listen to your problems

     • We will go the extra mile at all times

     Our Mission: To make your IT needs brutally simple on a daily      basis, by building a long-term relationship with your business.      Our Vision: To become the most trusted ICT service provider in      South-Africa within the next 5 years

Our Support Services Are:

• Server Maintenance .

• Hardware and Peripheral support.

• Backup and offsite Storage.

• IT Strategy.

• Security Strategy.

• Scheduling Maintenance.

• Disaster Recovery.

• Management Reporting and Recommendations.

• Sales of Hardware and Software.

• Installations

• Cabling