If you are thinking of starting an Online Shop you need a powerful ecommerce system that is easy to use and has every feature you will ever need. Becks Business Services is right choice, a known ecommerce company in Cape Town, Our team has the skills in developing customized e-Commerce solutions that empower businesses with functional, flexible and cost- effective solutions that will help you to maximize your profits.


Today the world has become compact and people are not willing to bind themselves into small shop for purchasing and selling their product. People think globally now a days instead of being local. Their product is being sold or purchased by a person from another parts of the world.

it came to be possible for the invention of B2B and E-commerce script. Becks Business Services is following the thinking of people and their demand And that’s why we provide a total and reliable e-commerce website which is going to fulfil the requirement of clients in order to sell their product. In the current economy, you can’t afford to limit your potential to increase revenue. Glide Interactive custom e-commerce. Solution maintains a competitive edge for your business and provides a personal consumer experience.

Our e-commerce solution comes equipped with a custom online product/services catalogue that allows your customers to browse, search, and purchase with ease.

    E-Commerce Benefits :

  • Ecommerce allows people to carry out businesses without the barriers of time or distance. One can log on to the Internet at any point of time, be it day or night and purchase or sell anything one desires at a single click of the mouse.

  • The direct cost-of-sale for an order taken from a web site is lower than through traditional means (retail, paper based), as there is no human interaction during the on-line electronic purchase order process. Also, electronic selling virtually eliminates processing errors, as well as being faster and more convenient for the visitor.

  • Ecommerce is ideal for niche products. Customers for such products are usually few. But in the vast market place i.e. the Internet, even niche products could generate viable volumes.

  • Another important benefit of Ecommerce is that it is the cheapest means of doing business.

  • The day-to-day pressures of the marketplace have played their part in reducing the opportunities for companies to invest in improving their competitive position. A mature market, increased competitions have all reduced the amount of money available to invest. If the selling price cannot be increased and the manufactured cost cannot be decreased then the difference can be in the way the business is carried out. Ecommerce has provided the solution by decimating the costs, which are incurred.

  • Payment Integration :

    • Becks Business Services provides numerous payment integration solutions for your ecommerce website, allowing you to instantly accept credit cards, debit cards, and personal checks online.

    • In addition to providing multiple payment options, we also include vital security assurance with top of the line security technology. There’s a little “padlock” symbol our shopping carts which indicates that the website is protected by a secure (SSL) certificate. Your customers will feel safe using their credit or debit cards on your website.

    • Once we've built your e-commerce web site, you will be able to maintain it without any knowledge of HTML, databases and web development. You will be able to add and remove products, edit product descriptions, adjust prices and more. Because we are a local Atlanta company, we will come to your place of business and give your staff an orientation to the administrative area of the site. As the owner of the site, you will have access to a wide range of statistics for products and customers.