Software Development

At Becks Business Services, we specialize in designing, developing and maintaining various products and software projects for our clients. Our approach is to take a holistic view of the products we develop. Often we may recognize the need to build a customized software product from scratch. And at other times, we may work towards making existing applications function more efficiently.


"Software can be an invaluable means to an end. We develop customized software & web based products for our clients by judiciously blending our technical expertise with our business understanding."

We understand that building great products requires a deep understanding of customer needs. Hence, we work towards developing solutions that enables businesses to reduce the time and resources they spend on business processes and management, while reducing functional bottlenecks to improve overall efficiency and productivity.


We know that outsourced product development (OPD) requires the partner offshore team to work in very close collaboration with the engineering team. For this, our experienced product developers invest the time to collaborate with you to extract the requirements, translating the ideas and the vision of our clients to robust technical specifications.

"Build for a purpose. Build to last."